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1 / Why aren't your emblems made out of metal?

As you know, each tank model has its own design and curvature. Because metal does not bend easily, we would only be able to design for one specific make and model of tank. To address this problem,  Artabyss uses a 50%/50% metal resin compound (cold casting process), which has many attributes of solid metal. By using this metal compound, our pieces can be heated,  allowing the artwork to be bend and conform to different surfaces. It is significantly stronger than a 3D printed part, and unlike plastic, this compound does not melt or disfigure when it's heated. (*Note: If your piece has decorative paint, excessive heat may bubble the paint finish). Because the surface is true metal, it will naturally oxidize unless sealed, which is why we finish all of our our pieces with a professional automotive clear coating.


2 / How will I know if your emblems will fit my bike model?
Most designs indicate on the product page what they fit.  Tank emblems are cold casted so they can be molded to the side of many different tank curvatures. We have PDF print outs on our Tools & Templates page of almost every piece we sell.  These can be printed out and taped to your bike for size reference. If you do not see the product you're needing sizing for on our Tools & Templates page, please use the provided measurements and a tape measurer to size the piece to your bike.


3 / Can you match the color of my bike?
All paints are mixed in the studio. We have a list of all of our base colors listed in the tools and templates sections. If you do not see the color you're wanting, we can match the color with a provided paint code. 

4 / What if I want to change my color, design or piece?
Please refer to our Store Policies.


5 / Will I get to see pictures of my piece as it's being created?

To answer this question simply, no.  It's extremely difficult to explain each step in the process of making your piece. To avoid confusion, or unless we have questions, we wait until the piece is completely finished to unveil the product to you. 


6 / How long will my order take? Because all art is hand crafted and created by Angie, and Angie alone, all orders take a minimum of 3-4 weeks.  This includes production, sanding, priming, painting, possible chrome effects, clear coating, and finishing.  Each process requires at least 24 hours for curing or drying. 

7 / How do your slip-on bonnets stay on?You will then need to use 100% silicone around the inside edge, being liberal as applying, because this is what holds your bonnet on... not just the included piece of ​3M tape. The 3m is simply to hold it down, while the silicone is securing. 


8 / What if I'm interested in a custom design piece?
Base price is dependent on size of the piece and whether or not this piece will be a one-off. Each case is carefully considered and reviewed. These pieces take a minimum of 8-10 weeks, depending on complexity, and require a 25% non-refundable deposit to get started, which will be applied to your total bill.  Please message us for a quote.

9 / Where are you located?
We are located in a little town called McCook, Nebraska. Currently we do not have a brick-and-mortar retail store because we are still in our infancy. We are exclusively internet sales. 

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