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Artabyss Design Studio, LLC,

owned and operated

by Angie Reiners.

Established 02/02/2020

Thank you for your interest in Artabyss!

I'm Angie, based in the serene town of McCook, Nebraska. Since childhood, my passion for the arts has been a driving force. Recently, I combined my love for art with motorcycles, leading to the creation of Artabyss.

In 2018, I discovered the Chief Darkhorse, sparking a love affair with motorcycles. After an unfortunate incident, where my ex accidentally dropped his bike onto mine, I faced the challenge of repairing the damage. Inspired during a cake design project, I decided to sculpt my own art to cover the scratches on my bike. This led me to the world of cold casting, where I experimented until I created sturdy, heat-formed emblems.

Artabyss, defined by art with no boundaries, was born. Every piece is hand-sculpted by me, using clay and paint, with durability that sets them apart. I spend an average of 96 hours a week in my studio, ensuring the quality of each creation.

Despite the limited social life, I cherish the connections made through Artabyss, reaching friends across the globe. From Brooklyn to Dubai, my products have resonated with a diverse audience.

While my focus has been on motorcycle pieces, I'm excited to expand into canvas paintings in the near future. Feel free to message me about commissioned canvas artwork. Until then, keep two wheels down and hit the road!

Best, Angie

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Meet the Team

The Heart of Artabyss

My right-hand gal. I watched her grow up and am excited to have her at my side now.  Kenzie has grown up around motorcycles and shares the love of the ride.  

Every great studio needs a supervisor... When he feels like it.  With a little bit warm cream, he offers me his honest opinion on my artwork. 

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Artabyss Studio 3.jpg
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