Angie Reiners 

 Artist, Owner 

Artabyss Design Studio, LLC,

owned and operated

by Angie Reiners.

 Artabyss began on February 2nd, 2020 in a little midwestern community called McCook, Nebraska. 

My husband, Jon, taught me how to ride my first motorcycle way back in 1996. I haven't been on the back of anyone's bike since! After raising 3 boys, we decided to get back into riding a couple of years ago. So 2 years ago, we picked a couple of new 2018 Dark Horses off the showroom floor. He a Springfield, and my Chieftain.  I had our 2018 Dark Horses parked a bit too close to each other in the garage, when his Springfield decided to collide with my Chieftain. (Details are still a little fuzzy, lol).The only visible damage was a little blister and scratch on her tank. But the scratch was directly on top of the eclectic Indian decal....!@#$!!!!!!

(Yes, there were many tears, but yes, we are still married...LOL)

After the shock of my beautiful baby's black matte paint damage, I came to the realization that is had to be fixed. Now I had been contemplating painting my tank for a while, but never really felt compelled to go through the process of removing, prepping, etc... until now. 

It all started with a little scratch...

All artwork is completely designed, manufactured, and customized  in my studio. If you have any questions, feel free to call or message me. I would love to discuss your design options.

Time to get creative.

Now, I have always had a passion for the arts, going back to my childhood. I even went to college for a bit to pursue an art career. But I decided to raise a family instead.

I would get my fix for creativity through the years by baking and designing cakes. But it became so heartbreaking to see all those hours of work and planning be eaten up within a few scoops of a fork. So after 15 years, I put my baker's hat to rest.

Something relit though, when I realized I had to come up with something to fix my tank