Angie Reiners 

 Artist, Owner 

Artabyss Design Studio, LLC,

owned and operated

by Angie Reiners.

Established 2-2-2020


 My 2018 Chief Darkhorse 

I learned how to ride about 25 years ago on a Vulcan 750. After raising 3 boys, we decided to get back into riding. So in 2018, we picked up a couple of new Dark Horses off the showroom floor. He a Springfield, and for me, my Chief.  

SOOOO.......our rides were parked a bit too close to each other in the garage, when his Springfield decided to collide with my mine. (Details are still a little fuzzy, lol).The only visible damage was a little blister and scratch on her tank. But the scratch was directly on top of my Indian decal....!@#$!!!!!! (Yes, there were many tears, but yes, we are still married...LOL)

I studies art in college, and  I had been contemplating custom painting my tank for a while, but never really felt compelled to go through the process of removing, prepping, etc... until now. 

I had just finished with Ronnie over at USA Baggers painting the Stars and Stripes Custom at this time. It was enough to relight my passion for artwork and design. I thought I wanted to airbrush, but the more I thought about it, it wasn't the "feel" I wanted for my black baby. I love sculpting as much as I do painting (I sculpted and decorated cakes for years prior Artabyss). So this seemed like the right time to come up with something completely unique for her. That's how Artabyss was formed. 

What does Artabyss mean? When trying to come up with a description of what I do, I realized I didn't like the idea of being put in a box. I didn't just want to be a painter, a sculpter, another limited accessory shop. I wanted the freedom to create and evolve. I needed a term that was limitless, "abyss" for my art.