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I understand, by ordering, that I have confirmed the 1.25" clearance from bolt hole to seat cushion for proper fitting. 
Give the good ol' boys behind you some eye candy, as you leave them in the dust, with your custom Arrowhead Fender Bolt Set. Uniquely designed, this is a two piece, with individual bolt and "Arrowhead washer." Lined with genuine leather on the back to prevent fender scratch. Also includes a rubber gasket to give you that extra turn for lining up your bolt head. 

Passenger Arrowhead Bolt Set


Contains: One Arrowhead Rear Passenger Bolt set

Material: Cold casted with pulverized metal & resin compound

Size: 3.75" top to bottom, " 2.75" at the widest point

For proper fit, you need at least 1.25" clearance from bolt hole to back of seat cushion. 

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