Indian Chief 2.0 Tank Emblems

for v-twins

Artabyss Tank Emblems are made from pulverized metal/resin compound using a process known as cold casting. This design will fit over most Indian factory decals (See "Challenger Collection" for the larger version).  Precut automotive mounting tape and instructions for forming and application are included with every order. 


All paint designs are included in the price.

Any of the designs below can be customized to your specs, or start off with your own

Other Artabyss pieces can be painted to match to create your own custom colletion.


11.75" long nose to tail feather tip----4.25" at widest point----Made from 60%pulverized metal, 40% resin

small running title

Want to know how it will fit on your tank?

Click the PDF, print, cut, and place on your tank to see.


Printable Template 

Requires 8.5x 14" legal paper to print correct size.

Other items sold separately
Other items sold separately