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Slip-On Skull Bonnet

Similar to the Slip-On Chief, the skull can be customized to match your current pieces, or order at the same to guarantee a perfect match. Eyes can be bored out to let light through. Customize the colors of the light or leave pure white. The slip-on bonnet utilizes your current fender light. Simple application and much easier than buying a new bonnet. Two-minute install. Personalize with war paint, please message me to add. 
-Does NOT fit over smaller fender OEM bonnets or the newer smaller Challenger bonnets! See Specs and measure! 

Because each and every piece from Artabyss is handcrafted and painted by Angie, process times may vary anywhere from 3-4 weeks.


Contains: One Slip-On Chief Bonnet

Material: Cold casted with pulverized metal & resin compound

Size: approx 9.5" from front to back, "approx 3.25" wide