Arrowhead Rear Passenger Bolts

Artabyss Tank Emblems are made from pulverized metal/resin compound using a process known as cold casting. Precut automotive mounting tape and instructions for forming and application are included with every order. Artabyss Arrowhead Bolt Sets include: 1-3.75" x 3" Custom Colored Arrowhead with leather backing, O-ring washer, and custom Bolt. (fits most Indian rear fenders)

"I" may be placed on bolt before sealed with urethane. Simply make selection at checkout.


All paint designs are included in the price.

Any of the designs below can be customized to your specs, or start off with your own

Other Artabyss pieces can be painted to match to create your own custom colletion.

Arrowhead Passenger Bolts can be made without the actual bolt for more placement options. Make your request during checkout.