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I left the bike scene like 26 years ago. I decided to have children and raised them. So then here I am 26 years later and I got tired of waiting on people Just take me for a ride. So I decided to buy my Own motorcycle once again.. But I couldn't decide what I wanted. So I probably sat on over a 100 bikes in the matter of 6 weeks.And there is a lot that I liked but I was worried about vibration because I have nerve damage in my arms and neck hands. But none of them felt right. So I just couldn't come to terms with buying something that I wasn't sold on completely that was meant for me to be on meant for me to become part of the bike to become part of me and ride the roads. So therefore I went on to Indian site and built My own. And I'll just keep waiting like how am I gonna find my bike. And love and behold I got an email about 3 weeks lathree weeks later with the exact replica of what I had built being released for the 2022 S. There was only one that was gonna be in my area yeah they believe there is only 5 places on the whole East Coast that was gonna get it on the showroom floor For a weekend. I was one of the 1st people in there and there was a guy an older gentleman looking at it as soon as I walked through the door I knew that was the bike for me. I sat on it and it was the most comfortable bike I had been on in a really long time period. And I told the salesman that I'd spoke to numerous times prior to this that this was the bike and he said are you sure nice absolutely. Now it took me over 3 months to get it but I wouldn't ask for It to have happened any other way..

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