Indian Sculpted Emblems-Multiple Color Options

imensional Tank Art for your ride! These "brothers" were hand sculpted, so each side is not exactly alike, but extremely close. These designs are made using a method called cold casting. By mixing metal powder and resin together, the sculpture can be bent by adding direct heat, and yet still have the weight and look of pure metal. They were created an inch larger than factory Indian decals, allowing them to be adhered directly over them. All orders are hand painted and customized according to the placed order. Any color combination-GO BOLD!!

$300 is for the set.

Additional charges for special metals (ie. bronze, copper, silver, brass) or highly detailed custom paint requests.

  • Application

    These cold casted emblems arrive semi-shaped to fit your tank, however, depending on where you place them on the tank, the curve may fit differently. For this reason, you will need to heat mold your emblems. Using a blow dryer, warm the emblem on the back side until it becomes pliable. The mixture of metal and resin will allow it to bend. Place it on your desired area and secure with tape or straps to hold in place until it cools. Wipe the tank surface with alcohol to remove debris and wax. Using 100% silicone or 3M tape (my preference is the tape) adhere the emblem onto the tank. Be sure to follow the manufacture's directions for either adhesive.

Automotive Mounting Tape (add $5.00 per pair)