Chief or Warrior.....or Both?

As I was added photos last night, it occurred to me... I've always referred to my originals as Warriors. Then I got to thinking," Have I been calling them wrong this whole time?" Because they have headdresses, they should be Chiefs, not Warriors, right? But Chiefs also could be Warriors, and they're all Indians.

Growing up, our little town was located right beside the last battle between the Sioux and Pawnee, Massacre Canyon. Everything I grew up around was based upon the history of the land. The cafe was called "The Sou-Paw", located right next to "The Sou-Paw Hotel". Every year, harvest festival was centered around the Great Pow Wow, (FYI-until an adult, I thought all fairgrounds were called pow-wows). And of course, our school mascot was the Warrior. He always wore a huge headdress, but we never called ourselves the Chiefs. We loved being the Warriors. We took a lot of pride in it too. Who would have thought, decades later I would be creating Chief/Warrior sculptures :). So,... I changed the name of my original and the 2.0

On another note, I have a new paint finish I will be adding to color choices: chrome ombre

Ok, a lot of pieces completed today, but a lot more for tomorrow. Ya'll have a great night!!

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