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Original Chief

Download, print,& cut out a 'true to life' sized pic.

Tape it onto your tank to see how it fits :)

The piece that started Artabyss. Eclectic and old school- This piece is made in memory of my grandfather Jim, who gave me my first motorcycle ride. The OC fits almost everything from Scout Bobbers to Elites. *(excluding the Indian Challengers).  Price includes left and right emblems. This set is made from pulverized metal/resin compound known as cold casting. This design will fit over 2022 and earlier factory decals.  Instructions for forming and application are included with every order. Professional automotive mounting tape is now included with all orders. 
Because each and every piece from Artabyss is handcrafted and painted by Angie, process times may vary anywhere from 1-3 weeks.


Contains: left and right tank emblems

Material: Coldcasted with pulverized metal  & resin compound

Size:  12" long from nose to tail, 4" wide at furthest point

Tank Emblem Set