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Q & A

1 / How will I know if your emblems will fit my bike model?

Most designs indicate on the product page what they fit.  Tank emblems are cold casted so they can be molded to the side of many different tank curvatures. 

2 / What if I'm interested in a custom design piece?

All items from Artabyss are custom painted, but if you have an idea for a new piece or sculpture, we would love to take that into consideration 

3 / How fast can my order ship? 

Because all art is hand crafted and created by Angie, and Angie alone, all orders take between 1-3 weeks.  This includes production, sanding, priming, painting, possible chrome effects (which takes approximately 3-4 days), clear coating, and finishing.  Each process requires at least 24 hours for curing or drying. 

4 / Can you match my bike color?  

Because I mix all my paints in the studio, I can come pretty close to your bike colors. This can be done through submitted pictures of your motorcycles, preferably in direct sunlight.  If you have a paint code, that is helpful also, as I can order the paint if needed.

5 / What if I want to change my color, design or piece?   

Please refer to our modification clause and return policy.  We try to work with you the best we can. 

6/ Where are you located?  

We are located in a little town called McCook, Nebraska. Currently we do not have a brick-and-mortar retail store because we are still in our infancy. We are exclusively internet sales. 

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