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Buffalo Skull 

Indian Motorcycle Tank Emblem Set

Download, print,& cut out a 'true to life' sized pic.

Tape it onto your bike to see how it fits :)

Orignially sculpted to go on fairings, by request, I'd like to introduce my new Buffalo Skull Tank.  Background sculpted to resemble animal hide, trimmed with rope, change up the feathers for an eye catcher.  Indian decor medallion on the top ridge. 
Because each and every piece from Artabyss is handcrafted and painted by Angie, process times may vary anywhere from 3-4 weeks.


Contains: Left and Right Buffalo Skull Tank Emblem

Material: Cold casted with pulverized metal & resin compound

Size: 5.5" H with a .25" chin extension on the bottom, 5.25 W 

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