Tape Application Example

I was demonstrating how to apply the automotive mounting tape to a gentleman named "Joe". Here is what I showed him as to my preferences.

3M tape cure:

After adhering the emblem on your tank with 3M tape, cover the emblem with a napkin or paper towel to protect the paint finish. Using masking tape or paint tape to hold in place while the 3M cures.

Tank Application
Cover your artwork to protect it from tape residue when placing
Secure and allow the emblem to completely cool before moving on to the next step

How to shape and apply your tank emblems.

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Key Is Patience

Installed the badge. Looks amazing. Did a tag on Instagram and flashed it to my friends. Key is patience!  Took me 6 hours for both sides. It cannot be rushed that’s for sure. But when you heat up the badge it just forms perfectly to the tank. So easy. The tough part was removing the old adhesive. 


Also a side note, it’s important to set it similar to the original badge (set back) so the end of the badge isn’t set too far back and you risk catching a pant leg on the tip and snapping it off. See the pic. 

Michael A.

in New York

Original Warrior Tank Emblem